Getting Stuck In

It’s been a busy week or so in the spare time that I have, doing more preparation for my bid to be elected to MU General Secretary. My website and social media accounts are now all up and running and I’ve even had some leaflets printed which have gone out to a number of union activists.

Along with the other GS hopefuls I was also asked to write an election address for MU activist blog-site “MU Members For Change” (MUM4C).

You can find my article in the link to their blog-site at the bottom of this post. The keen-eyed amongst you will also spot that a question has already been asked in that blog, at the foot of my election address, about my views on the MU attending Conservative Party conference. Those of you who know me, my solid trade union roots and politics, won’t be surprised with my answer to that question.

I understand that MUM4C plan a hustings event at some point with all the candidates. I’m really looking forward to that because I believe that hustings events are a great way to assess the candidates qualities side by side and see what we’re made of. It’s important that all candidates are subject to proper electoral scrutiny as this is a very critical role for the union.

You can visit the MU members for change blog page and just need to click on their story links to find my election address and any comments in response to it.

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