Image of Stephen Brown holding microphone speaking to crowd.

Stephen speaking to crowds in Birmingham for the MU, calling for a fair deal for touring musicians post-Brexit

“Your issues are my issues”

I am standing for MU General Secretary because I passionately believe in our Union and improving the working lives and incomes of musicians. My track record in this is exemplary and I have the experience and tenacity to get the job done. I’m a musician, trade unionist and MU member, so your issues are my issues. I strongly believe our General Secretary should be a musician to understand what drives us. This is our Union and we are stronger by working together to achieve our objectives.

My 6 commitments if elected as General Secretary and how I will build a stronger union

My career as a musician and trade unionist

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John Patrick

John Patrick – Pianist/Keyboards, Music Director, Composer, MU Midlands Regional Chair, Former MU Executive Committee Chair (30 years)

“I’m supporting Stephen for MU General Secretary because he has exactly the right qualities the MU needs for the position. 

I can’t stress enough how vital it is that the MU has a General Secretary who is a musician. Only a musician gets what musicians are about and as both a musician and trade unionist Stephen certainly gets it.

I’ve known him for a few years now in his role as MU Midlands Regional Organiser and he is a diligent and determined advocate for musicians’ interests. He’s also an active performing musician, a solid trade unionist who understands musicians issues, and has the best experience in both areas to represent the interests of the union and protect the welfare and rights of MU members. Therefore, I strongly urge members to vote for Stephen to be our next General Secretary.”
Louise Braithwaite

Louise Braithwaite – Oboe, Cor Anglais, Oboe d’amore

Music for Health & Wellbeing, Arts Project Management www.louise-braithwaite.co.uk

“Stephen means what he says and does what he says he will. When I experienced bullying and harassment from a senior manager in one of my workplaces, his professionalism in supporting me to raise a formal complaint and reach a good resolution was brilliant. The perpetrator left the organisation soon afterwards. I can’t thank him enough for his insight and help at an extremely difficult time. 

Stephen is exactly the person you need to guide you when things are tough. That time is now.

Stephen is already working on detailed plans to drive the industry forward through and beyond the pandemic. As an active performing musician he understands from the inside what’s going on with touring, streaming and performance. He knows we need to make a viable living. He’s concerned about transparency between the MU and the organisations it’s associated with, and how best to ensure we’re fairly remunerated for our work across genres and formats.”

Stephen is a fantastic MU Regional Organiser with an eye to the big picture and an understanding of the differing characters of music making in different regions.”

Stephen has his eye on the ball for access and inclusion across the protected characteristics. He works for effective representation for all members.”

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