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I have been unsuccessful in my bid to become General Secretary of the Musicians Union. 

Obviously, I am disappointed at the result but proud of my campaign and the bold and ambitious plans I set out. Not least because I still honestly believe my organising approach to trade unionism will outlive my campaign. It is the only viable future for our movement if we are to take on the horrors of a Tory Government and the attacks they are making on our rights. Not to mention the challenges we face over pay and conditions, Brexit, regional inequality, music education structural inequality, and building back post-Covid. 

Nevertheless, I want to congratulate Naomi Pohl on her success and who has been elected as the MU’s new General Secretary.

However, more so, I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign, helped me in my campaign, shared my vision, voted for me and in doing so wanted to realise a different future for our Union, an organising future.

There is no doubt my ideas had resonance with members, and it is clear that a huge number of you want to see something different too. The votes amply reflect this reality.

The job now for Naomi is to bring our Union together and I wish her well in this endeavour.

This will probably be it from me now on these pages, so go well, stay safe, and I hope to meet you soon, through work or at a gig.

Solidarity ✊ I’m proud I DARED FOR BETTER

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