Accept no imitations

If you’ve followed my campaign from the start you’ll know I have been consistent in my message for change and stating my key commitments from day 1.

I have not wavered.

I have however been emailed by members who tell me that another candidate seems to like my ideas so much that they are now claiming them for their own, despite these ideas never having been on their radar or in their election materials. I’ll leave you to check whether this is so. 

It seems my message is seeping through.


If you want to know what my key messaging has been:

  • Organising Agenda 
  • Organising Team
  • Stronger focused campaigns
  • Fighting Fund
  • Improving pay & conditions
  • A vision for music education
  • Fairer funding for ALL regions
  • Re-democratising our union
  • Empowering members
  • Self-Organised Groups
  • Greater relevance to musicians 

Is any of this radical?


Anyone who has been an activist in our movement will understand that this approach gets results. You have to live it to understand it. I do – as both a musician and trade unionist.

So – accept no imitations!
#Vote #StephenBrown4GS

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